One Question with Pastor Adam

But Jesus said Male and Female: How Jesus Moves Beyond Gender Binaries

Episode Summary

Some Christians refer to Matthew 19 to say that Jesus affirmed Genesis 1 - that God made humans “male and female.” They do this criticize our transgender siblings. But in the same chapter, Jesus says that some people are “born eunuchs for the kingdom of God.” A eunuch was someone who didn’t fit the “male and female” binary, but was seen as a third gender. Jesus didn’t quote Genesis to say that God only makes humans into male or female because he knew that God’s creation is far more diverse. Check out this episode of One Question with Pastor Adam for more! "One Question with Pastor Adam" is back for Season 3! Tune in to the live broadcast on the Pastor Adam Facebook page on Thursdays at 11a Pacific Time. Podcast episodes will become available the following Monday. Have a question you'd like to see answered on the podcast? Submit it via email to